4 Amazing Secrets Which Powers The Leading Entrepreneurs Of Our Time

Thanks to the folks who slugged through their struggles and inspired us to overcome ours, the secrets of true success are laid out in front of our eyes for all to see. They didn’t succeed because they were crafty, wicked or born with a trunk load of cash (as they movies often portray them).

On the contrary , they made it big with their willingness to collaborate, perseverance to slough ahead through crap, build a calm yet ambitious persona and turn up creative solutions as the times call for it.

These seemingly simple traits bolster their sheer will to challenge all odds and calculate building methods to achieve long-term strategies to success.

To reach the stars!

Here are four amazing, yet simple secrets that holds the key to understanding these geniuses and how they changed the world:

1- Smaller groups can take larger groups head on!

A recent study by Small Business Chronicle, smaller groups often pack the skill set that the individual group members bring to the table, which can in-turn augment and often complement their counterparts. With multiple perspectives often influenced by each other’s personal choices, these viewpoints can often have the team approach the project from different angles.

Fresh ideas spurt forth, and magic happens!

I recommend encouraging your co-workers to tie up in smaller groups and break their tasks evenly between themselves. They are bound to conceive impressive ideas which can blossom your company’s path with spectacular results.

Remember, two hands are needed to make a sound. Small groups trump individual contributions.

2- Be willing to introspect. Often.

Simon Sinek, author and CEO of Sinek Group, relies on his introspective talents to lead his business decision making skills. “The question that i always wake up to, is ‘Why’”, he admits. Why are you doing what you do? Why should your clients care? What’s your brand’s story? People may not need your brand or service to survive, but they are still in business with you because they care. They support your story and care for your vision to succeed.

Apple’s Macbook advertisements are the pinnacle of innovative stories. The recent launch of the 2016 Mac had this as its tagline:

“With the new MacBook, we set out to do the impossible: engineer a full-size experience into the lightest and most compact Mac notebook ever.”

Why do people prefer apple? Because they make you feel good. They instill the confidence that you and i can conquer the impossible with the beautiful and easy-to-use products that the create! Apple insists on spinning a customer centric about their openness and privileged communication between their employees and customers. Zero gimmicks. No unneeded fluff.

3- Learn to walk it out

Times often arise when making important business tasks seem like a herculean task. They may not be that cumbersome, but at the light of the situations and other factors, you might feel overwhelmed. That’s when you need to take a walk.

A study by The New York Times states that exercises have proven to enhance your decision making skills by providing clarity, collect your thoughts and come up with innovative solutions. In your workplace, you can always take a quick hike around the floor should you feel the need to. I’d recommend encouraging your employees to get up and stretch their legs if they find themselves running into a brick wall.

Coffee perhaps?

Or dive in for a game of poker with your colleagues on the myriad online websites found out there. Not only does games like poker help you with killing time, but it also adds in the much needed clarity when you need time to think and clear your head, so you can make important decisions.

4- Transparency is key

Clothing company Everlane takes transparency to a whole new level of description. Most companies do disclose their manufacturers and other sources to the consumer, but Everlane dives in far deeper. They have details displayed in their “Transparent Pricing”section, where they disclose the prices they paid for the components, labor, duties, transportation and the real cost of the item for sale!

By sharing these crucial details, not only does Everlane garner consumer trust but more revenue as the consumer is bound to share this unbelievable story with their friends.

Veronica Hanks

Veronica is a tech savvy girl who loves to explore and implement the power of business applications and software. She is currently working as a senior business analyst and lives in NYC. Besides being a tech addict, she is also as avid traveler and love to share lifestyle blog.