Regaining Access to Your Google My Business Listing

Often you will find business owners are facing a situation when they need to look up to your Google My Business Listing since you are all set to begin it to work. Then you suddenly find that you do not have any idea on accessing your listing. These are some frustrating situations that occur due to two reasons:

  • Someone else has already claimed your business listing.
  • You are not aware about the email associated with the listing.

Now, if you find that someone else has claimed your Google My Business listing, then you will have to find out the owner for it and submit for a transfer ownership request.

Reasons you need to manage MAP listing

  • Ability to reply to different reviews
  • Set your own business hours
  • Check your name, address and phone number are correct
  • Keep control over posting to Google My business G+ page
  • Prevent the listing from getting stolen
  • Ensure your NAP is the same like other citations

By following these effective tips, you can regain access to your Google My Business listing.

 Step One: Reach out to more people

It is quite common that people have several Google accounts. But everybody will not remember who had been helping them with marketing efforts, particularly if the listing was create several years before.

Make sure you check all your personal and Business Google accounts at and then verify that your listing does not appear. You may speak with the present/former employees as well as any agency vendors that may have access or created something for the purpose of local marketing. If any of them have control of the listing, then they can transfer the listing ownership to you.

Make sure you use the information given on Google Maps, call the business and see if you can discover who has verified the listing.

Step Two: Follow the instructions of Google

You need to follow these steps for creating a message to the present listing owner:

  1. Navigate to Google My Business.
  2. Sign into Google with the account that you use for managing your business.
  3. Find out your business with its name and address.
  4. Enter the name or address of your business and then choose your business from drop-down menu.
  5. After selecting your business, you will come across a dialogue box that will help you to know if someone else has verified your business. Click on Request ownership.

You may Click on Report a problem when you want to update the listing’s information on Google, in case there is incorrect street address or unverified phone number.

Claiming your Google My Business listing is vital for any online business. Thus, this blog post will surely help you to overcome the difficulties that many business owners are facing these days, when it is about gaining complete control of your business listing.