Few Noteworthy Uses of Mobile Cranes for Industrial Purposes

The mobile crane is mostly preferred for its flexibility in performance, as it can be easily transported anywhere and at any time. This type of crane is much smaller than most of the other varieties, thus it is much easier to handle at the jobsites. It is simpler in structure and easier to operate while shifting loads. Hence, it is a favourite in the construction and manufacturing companies, who either buy or hire these mobile cranes for their regular use.

Beneficial Applications of Mobile Cranes

  • Easy setup at factories – Unlike the lofty tower cranes, the mobile cranes can be installed quickly and easily at the jobsites. Hence, it is widely used in all manufacturing units, where no extra time is wasted for setting up these cranes. The heavy loads of the factories are easily carried by this type of cranes, as its telescopic boom can be turned into any direction for transferring goods. Thus, the work at these units are completed at a fast pace, which is highly profitable for the business owners.
  • Easily movable on rugged surfaces – The oil mines are generally built on uneven surfaces in remote areas or hilly terrains. Movement of most of the portable cranes is restricted in uneven and rough terrains. . However, mobile cranes can easily travel on its thick rubber tyres and reach oil mines and other mining industries, where heavy loads are carried from underground mines.
  • Road construction on hilly areas – Construction of highways on hilly terrains is not an easy task. The most challenging part is shifting of building materials from trucks to the work sites, where most of the cranes fail to support effectively.  A mobile crane that is mounted on crawlers or a truck with rubber tyres will be able to do the job easily.
  • Constructions at busy cities – The busy metropolitan cities have limited space for construction of buildings, where it is tough to place large cranes. Moreover, it is hard to transport the tower cranes through the busy urban streets. However, since mobile cranes are smaller in size and because the telescopic boom and hydraulic tubes can be folded when not in use, they can easily pass through the heavy traffic on the streets and be placed conveniently at the worksite.
  • Can be transported to many sites – The industry owners may often want cranes to be transferred from one site to another very swiftly, which is not possible with  the larger cranes. However, the mobile cranes can travel very fast and serve multiple sites easily.
  • Lifting of loads in heavy industries – A mobile crane is designed to carry very heavy loads, as it is supported by strong cables or hydraulic tubes. Thus, it can easily carry the necessary loads of cement industries, steel industries, and shipping industries. This type of crane is highly preferred for carrying heavy beams of steel, blocks of cement or large containers for shipping.
  • Industries running on limited budget – The small construction companies or manufacturing units feel hiring a mobile crane serves most of their purpose. It is the best pick and is also affordable. The mobile cranes are much cheaper than most of the other cranes and can be included into the budget of most small industries.

The mechanical complications that often arise in cranes are much less in case of a mobile crane to its simple hydraulic mechanism. Thus, it is the most accepted and widely used crane especially in the small and medium sector industries where there are not only constraints in terms of budget but also space.