10 Lessons that a Life in Hostel Teaches You

For the youngsters, life opens up different surprises that sometimes enlighten their soul to the deepest and offer many wonderful opportunities to develop their personal, social, and intellectual life. One such phase also enters into your life when you opt a Hostel or PG to live with roommates and spend quality time with them. The endless fun that you will have in a hostel or PG in the form of laughing therapies, group parties, midnight delights, and gossip sessions, cannot be expressed in words. In all, Hostel days are the happiest days which will always cherish your mind and soul throughout your life.

Here, we have come up with a list of some important things that you have experienced or going to experience and learn all by yourself in a Hostel or PG accommodation:

1) The Ability to Survive in Less:

In Hostel, you will be given a specific sum of money to manage all things by yourself. This “Money Handling” task can be a calamity for the Hostelers or PG renters who, at first glance, become happy to know the amount of pocket money, later on, get puzzled over the monthly requirement and management criteria. But, it justifies the statement “Mistakes are Stepping Stones to Learning.” First of all, make your mind very clear about the priorities of the month like a birthday party, special occasion, tour and travelling, books, groceries, makeup, and other deals. After that, initiate your expenditures. This “Money Management” system is not only useful during Hostel or PG days, but it is equally applicable your future life too.

2) The Art of Adjustment: Adjustment!!

Have you heard this before?? If not, then alert your ears and mind for the same. Remember one thing in a hostel that you will not get all sweets on your plate. So, better to learn the “Art of Adjustment” with friends, roommates, warden or landlord, mess owner and even security guard too. The real fact of this Hostel life is that all odds occupy the same space under one roof, and their different opinions sometimes match up with the people or create clashes and ugly fights. But who can help you better in a trouble or emergency than your roommates or partners? So, just chill and ignore the open light right at midnight, the loud sounds of the next room and patch up with friends.

3) The Science of Management:

While living in a Hostel or PG Rental, you will come to know about the real time management to conduct each and everything in a proper way. Remember the fact that life is all about management, the one who has acquired these skills, will never get failed to manage his work, play and fun time with friends.

4) Sharing Gesture:

“Sharing is Caring” – this statement explains all about your kindness, and helping hands that you have offered for your friends and even for the class fellow of your roommate too. In a hostel, no one is the richest person in terms of luxuries, amenities, dresses, food, pickles, perfumes, accessories, footwear and other needy stuff. So, sharing works in the best possible way. However, this feeling also links you with others and you will observe a significant change after this kindness act.

5) The Addictive Taste of Independence:

Before, moving to a Hostel or PG, you were a totally dependent child starting from the wake-up call by your mother to get ready, having proper nutritious three times meal to get served in your bed, and ordering random demands right from your room to get pampered by your mom and dad many times a day. But here, you will learn the complete concept of “Being Independent”, which in starting, seems like harsh and laborious but it will create a systematic life for you. From cooking to cleaning, washing clothes to self-study and purchasing to management, all these tasks make you a complete and perfect human being.

6) Beauty Treatments:

A Girl’s Hostel is a mini beauty parlor, which stimulates every hosteler to beautify herself with different treatments and techniques. Gone are the days of oily plaits, bushy eyebrows, and arms, let us share the secrets of the makeup world. Well, in a Hostel, you will find a group of an amazing Hair Stylist, a Makeup Artist, a Yoga Expert, and a Tattoo Girl who will perform their magical tricks on every weekend. Moreover, you will also get instant beauty tips and makeup lessons from them. They are all time favorite buddies of Hostelers and PG mates. Finding them booked for the special occasion like Party or Get Together is a normal thing. Better to pick them first.

7) The Strength to Overcome Hard Times:

It is well said that Hostel life makes you strong enough to tackle every hard situation that comes in a way. You have never imagined yourself to bear up all pressure of self-study, living and maintaining the position for the consecutive three or more years. Along with this, you have directed your life in an amazing way while doing all things by yourself, either it be solving matters of friend’s fight or taking a stand for your own rights.

8) Friends for Life:

The best thing about living in a Hostel or PG is that all students share the same platform to eat, work, rest and play which develop a great sense of understanding among roommates and friends. In here, you will meet great friends that company you in good as well as bad times. Many hostelers share the story of such best friends who have encouraged each other to study, to face the world, to improve the qualities, and to avoid silly mistakes while doing room cleaning, washing, and other activities.

9) Discovering Yourself:

Hostel or PG stay provides enough time to discover the strength and weakness in you. In Spite of so many bathroom fights, restrictions, odd situations and issues, you have come to know how to balance things and patch up with the friends and roommates.

10) Living it Up and Having Fun:

After so many hassles and fights in a hostel, what we remember in the end is the fun time with friends and roommates. Undoubtedly, you will create an album in your mind recalling all the funny incidents, bathroom singing competitions, cookery classes, wardrobe sharing, midnight parties, dancing partners and teasing each other with funny names and words.

It is well said that Hostel Life originates different characters in you. Living there, you have become the master of your own body, soul, and mind. Here, you have freedom, and at the same time, you can do multiple tasks like work, play, clean, cook and enjoy with your friends and best buddies. If you have ever acquired a chance of being a Hosteler or PG renter, then assuredly you are feeling proud of those self-made techniques to balance your work and time in a proper way. Because of these efforts, you are what this life has made you today!