5 Vitamin C Rich Foods to Improve Your Dental Health

Vitamin C happens to be one of the most essential nutrients apart from being a powerful antioxidant. The major function of antioxidant is that it boosts immunity by getting rid of the harmful free oxygen radicals.

Apart from that, vitamin C also synthesizes the collagen and certain neurotransmitters, strengthens the bones, helps to fight cancer and metabolises proteins and improves the absorption of iron.

But the human body is unable to synthesize or store vitamin C. But thankfully, this water-soluble vitamin is found in a number of vegetables and fruits and you must consume it in sufficient amounts. Here are some of the vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables. Just read on.

• Bell Peppers – There are many who feel that when it comes to bell peppers all the colours are more or less created equal. This is true in terms of taste but if you are concerned about vitamin C then you should choose red bell peppers over the yellow or green counterparts. You should eat as many as possible. A full cup of bell peppers is worth 45 calories and so you can snack as much as possible.

• Green Chillies -Green chillies are considered to be on the best vitamin C sources as compared to oranges, limes and lemons. Just 100 grams of vitamin C contains over 240 mg of vitamin C and hence 1 chilli contains over 105 mg of vitamin C. So add green chillies to your stew, curries, salads and even make pickles out of them. Just make sure to avoid them if you have stomach ulcer, IBS or IBD or had a recent intestinal surgery.

• Kiwi- Kiwi fruits apart from being less acidic (which is great for your teeth) also contain twice the vitamin C content of the oranges and the lemons. Kiwis are also high in fibre and enzymes called actinidin that help to break down the protein and eases digestion and overall intestinal function.

• Kale – Kale is also known as leaf cabbage and it is said to be one of the most nutritious leafy veggies. In 100 gms of kale there is 120 mgs of vitamin C. This is considerably higher than even the chopped spinach that contains about 8.4 gms of vitamin C. Not only that, kale is also rich in vitamin A and K together with iron and fibres. If you do not like the taste you should have it in the form of smoothies so that your body can take advantage of the large number of benefits that kale offers.

• Broccoli – Broccoli happens to be a cruciferous veggie. About 51 mg of vitamin C is contained in one half cup of cooked broccoli. Not only that, because of the high concentration of vitamin C broccoli also helps to prevent cancer. This is primarily because of the high concentration of sulphur found in the cruciferous veggies.

The above are some of the major vitamin C rich foods that have proven to be extremely beneficial for the dental health. Apart from including these in optimum proportion in your diet, you should also adhere to your regular dental care regime like brushing and flossing and pay visits to the top dental clinics in Delhi every six months so that you can flaunt a beautiful smile confidently whenever you want.