Check WhatsApp Monitoring App for Teens’ Phones

There is no secret that social networking platforms have bagged post-millennial generation’s consideration more than that of millennial. The latest studies highlight the excessive and inessential use of social media and instant messaging apps among teens and tweens. While these apps occupy a major chunk of our young generation’s time, these media apps are familiarizing them with several potential dangers such as online bullying, child molestation, cat-fishing, hacking and scamming.

At present, one of the widely used social media and the instant messaging app is Facebook-owned WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform application offering the users to exchange text messages, voice calls, video calls, media files, documents and locations. Anyone having a smartphone and internet connection can sign up to WhatsApp providing the cellular mobile phone number.

The messenger is currently the most popular IM having a user base of more than one and a half billion. The instant messenger has more than 500 million active users. Every day, more than 10 billion text messages, 700 million photos and 100 million videos have been shared via the instant messaging app. Though the messaging application seems harmless, the unsupervised and excessive use of this app is victimizing a number of teen girls and boys.

Why Do Parents need to Monitor WhatsApp?

There are several reasons that emphasize the WhatsApp monitoring. We have rounded up here a few points to let parents understand the importance of tracking WhatsApp Messenger.


The instant messaging app is widely being used by teen girls and boys for sending objectionable messages. This platform is being used for sending, receiving and distributing porn, nude or semi-nude photos and adult-oriented videos. The unsupervised use of this messenger can also make your teens’ addict to pornography.

Child Predation

Child predators are the adult social media users posing to be teenagers to victimize other teens and tweens. They trap adolescents and sexually exploit them. They are usually the producers of child pornography. The unmonitored WhatsApp use can make your kid a target of molesters.

Cyber Bullying

Humiliating or making fun of someone using electronic means is cyber-bullying. Many WhatsApp messenger features encourage bullies to target the victims. The unmonitored WhatsApp messages can make your kids harassed and humiliated by the bullies.

What does WhatsApp Monitoring App Do?

Fortunately, there are a few social media spy apps intended for parents to monitor the media apps installed on their kids’ phones. TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable social media tracking apps which allow spying on popular media and instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. Once you install the Cell phone monitoring app on your kid’s Android phone, you can monitor activities performed on that phone through the online control panel of the spy app.

Track WhatsApp Messages

The WhatsApp spy app allows parents to track every single message of their teens sent and received via instant messenger. The Cellphone spy app syncs the messages stored on the monitored phone’s memory and uploads these messages to the online control panel. By logging into that control panel, parents can read the WhatsApp messages of their kids whether received or transmitted. The WhatsApp monitoring app also shows the phone numbers and name of the message sender and receiver.

Track WhatsApp Media Files

The photos, videos, audios and other media files exchanged via WhatsApp messenger can be tracked with the mobile phone spy app. Similar to messages, the Monitoring app syncs the media files stored on the targeted phone memory and creates a copy of these files on the online control panel. Parents can witness the WhatsApp photos and videos right on the control panel and download the required media.

Track WhatsApp Call Logs

The spy app accesses the WhatsApp call logs to enable parents to keep tabs on the VOIP of their teens. You can know with whom your kid communicated and at what time.

WhatsApp Screen Recording

The screen recording feature of the cell phone tracking app allows parents to monitor every single activity of their kids performed via WhatsApp Messenger. As your kid starts using messenger, the cellphone spy app starts taking screenshots to let you witness every happening.

That is not all. The cell phone monitoring app offers innumerable perks to parents enabling them to protect their kids from the menaces of social media and instant messengers.