Discover the Top Ways to Make Great Whiteboard Animations

Do you know about the whiteboard video animations? If not, then white board video animation is an approach to show story through drawing on a whiteboard. In essence, an animator draws in front of a camera, recording himself or herself for the whole process.

Now that you have some basic knowledge about the white board animation, you should know that it is a great tool as it can simplify complex messages, making the message entertaining and effective. It can make a dull message engaging and interesting. However, a whiteboard video has to follow a set of guidelines. Read along to discover the best ways to make amazing whiteboard animations.

Story Telling

As a matter of fact, human beings strive for stories, we get attracted towards stories. You can leverage the power of attraction through telling a wonderful story. You can present content through story telling.

However, for this, you need to create a story that is focused towards the audience and their concerns, rather than the products’ features. You can focus on creating story revolving around the audience. This way, you will capture their attention and build empathy.

Start Building Animated Characters

Characters serve as the threads that stick together a story. They provide flow to a story. The characters should represent audience, the actual buyer personas, helping the audience identify through your help. In essence, characters built through animations provide a message with personal touch. Characters can make a video remarkable and engaging.

The Traditional Way

How can you make a traditional video using whiteboard? There are three things you need to follow for creating a traditional video on whiteboard – the black drawing pen, white background, and hand. These are the basic requirements for building a whiteboard animation video. It provides a video with a distinct style. Though you are allowed to include personal aspects, however you must make the things look traditional.

You can add personal details to the whiteboard animation video. However, the video must be black and white, representing the things in the most traditional manner. You can bring in innovation to the whiteboard animation video. However, you should not get too excited and look at things carefully. Whiteboard animation video is not about creation of colorful visuals, but you can include some colors, highlighting crucial elements in a message.

In case, you have planned to include a color, then choose the color of your brand. You can add it to some crucial spots, highlighting your brand in a video. A large number of whiteboard animation companies leverage this technique, adding twists to a video through usage of colors at different points.

The Drawing Hand

Among the purposes of whiteboard video stands an artist who draws a story. This can be done in the traditional way through using technology and design tools, making a video appear as it is being sketched. However, one thing cannot be changed, the hand drawing an animation. Having said, if there is no hand, then it cannot be a whiteboard video. A whiteboard video has to appear as hand drawn, and this is the reason that a drawing hand should always be present.
Also, you can make use of emotional references.

As a matter of fact, white board videos can present a complex message in a simple manner. The best thing about a simple method is that they can show whatever you want them to show. You can either reveal happiness, fun, emotion, and much more through whiteboard animation.

In addition, you can utilize the emotions of the audience. Considering the power of storytelling, you can add elements to a story, bringing back the good old days.

Include Interconnected Drawings

A well-made whiteboard animation video can engage audience tremendously, making them wonder what will come next. The audience tends to see what is being sketched, what shape it takes, and how it will keep the viewers interested, intensifying the anticipation.

As a matter of fact Whiteboard video follow a regular stream of interconnected drawings. You can often clean the whiteboard, but try doing this for few times only, as it can affect the flow in a story, making the audience go away. This can serve as the reason for going digital with whiteboard videos. These videos can look professional and have a big canvas. Rather than erasing drawing often, you can keep the things interconnected.

Final Words

We have revealed the top ways to create amazing whiteboard animation videos. If you know about more ways to create engaging whiteboard animation videos, feel free to mention them.